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Gambling as an addiction, can you recover? Wagering has been the cause of people losing their money, their homes,their marriages and sometimes their mind.

I have some quotations, I'd like to place here:The French Proverb, "There are two great pleasures in wagering: that of winning and that of losing" Wagering Quotations by French Proverb.

"it is the child of avarice the brother of iniquity, and the father of mischief" Wagering Quotation by George Washington.

"The gambling known as business looks with severe disfavor on the business known as wagering," Wagering Quotations by Ambrose Bierce.

"You cannot get anything out of nature or from God by wagering: only out of your neighbor," Quotation by John Ruskin

"No wife can endure a wagering husband; unless he is a steady winner," Quotation by Thomas Robert Dewar.

Go From Gambling To Gambler

The complete history of gambling would need to be condensed into several books, if we were to examine every aspect of the game, including such elements as gambling legislation and modern day professional circuit gambling. I will try to give you a overview and mention some infamous and famous gamblers as well as great authors on the subject.

In 1980, the American Psychiatric Association officially recognized wagering as a disorder of impulse control in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III).

Legalized wagering has increased with the advent of Las Vegas and then Atlantic City. Since then there have been many other cities and states that have legalized gambling. Pathological gamblers become emotionally dependent on gambling, lose control of their personal lives, and present several signs of poor psychological functioning.

John Scarne's books all document the past-time and the legal and illegal ways which it is played. He provides a complete look at the world of dice, including for the first time an insider's view of how dice games are played at the Atlantic City casinos.

Scarnes covers the history of modern dice and their earliest uses in games, and then analysis the mathematics behind gambling to give players a solid foundation in odds and percentages. The most popular forms of dice games are then studied in detail. Bank Craps Las Vegas style gets full treatment with coverage of everything from setting limits, the bank craps table and the different bets to tips on how to play the game sensibly, how to spot a crooked casino and how Las Vegas casinos operate. Open or Money Craps(the private game of craps is discussed, and the author shows how to spot hustlers and chumps wherever the game is played.

Scarne also takes a look at illegal craps and why it is such big business, exposing the gimmicks used and types of people who workthis kind of game. "How people cheat", the ways dice may be fixed and how to recognize a crook at work."

Notorius Players of Ill Repute

The man who is considered the father of modern pastposting was called Mumbles,due to an operation for throat cancer that left him with a mechanical voice box that he preferred to use only when absolutely necessary, choosing instead to mumble his yes's and no's.His real name is not known and he was born in New York around 1897.

Mumbles continued to improve his new found roulette cheating moves, he realized he needed another person to help him out. He teamed up with Wheels and together they formed the first mechanic/claimer roulette pastposting team. Wheels became the mechanic, wheeling up to the tables and switching the chips, while Mumbles "mumbled" the claims to get himself paid. They worked together for a short time in 1954 until Wheels died in a Binion's Horseshoe hotel room in Las Vegas. After Wheel's death, Mumbles taught his trade secrets to Henry Classon, with whom he worked until his death, also in a Horseshoe hotel room in 1954.

George Devol was perhaps the greatest cheat in the early days of poker on the Mississippi, and it was because of him that poker became known as the "the cheating game".By the time he was 14, Devol could stack a deck, deal seconds, palm cards, recover a cut, or bring in a "cold deck."

Dennis Sean McAndrews, better known by his original name, Dennis Nikrasch, and has been called the greatest slot machine cheat in gambling history. He was the mastermind of several different slot cheating rings over a twenty year period that rigged an estimated 16 million in jackpots, mostly in Nevada and Atlantic City.

Tommy Glen Carmichael is considered the second best slot cheat of all time. An ingenious inventor, he conspired with an elite group of thieves to bilk millions from casinos. For almost 20 years Carmichael designed slot cheats devices that made it possible for him to steal from slot machines across the Caribbean and the United States.

The Poker and Casino Cheating Hall of Fame

All of the above and those presented here were inducted in this Hall of Fame

Canada Bill Jones

*Joe Classon

*Henry Classon

*Jerry Palmer

*Dustin Marks

*Pat Mallery

*Richard Marcus

*Ron Harris

*Brent Eli Morris

*Sherri Skoons

Monique Laurent

*John Soares

*Balls Abramowitz

*Duke Wilson

="text:center,">*Steve Forte, Many people may be surprised the he has been inducted into the Poker and Casino Cheaters Hall of Fame. After all, he has not been vastly successful at it, and is one strike away from becoming a three time loser. So why is he in? Forte became a gaming expert and is still considered to be the most skilled sleight-of-hand artist in the world. In the twenty years after the "cooler bust", he was the top anti-cheating casino consultant to the entire casino industry, thus he is unique in really having played both sides of the fence!

*Phuong Quoc Truong

*Van Thu Tran

*Russ Hamilton

*Pierre Dugal

*Deborah Heidekrueger

*Fabrizio Renzi

*Ruthie Berin

For those local players of poker, blackjack, faro, and other games of chance. There very little hope that you will make it into a hall of fame. Most likely, you become infamous for your losing ways and even in winning, you do not know when it is time to quit.

Breaking Any Habits