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Addict Talking About Cocaine Addiction

Addict, in the drug culture there are many different kinds of people, young, middle age, and old people. The drugs, whatever the drug of choice, be dexatrim, prozac, alcohol, cocaine, oxycontin,heroin, ectasy,ketamine or any of the other drugs of abuse that I did not name and there are still many drugs to abuse. Seldom do you get the opportunity to hear and a person speak openly and candidly about his or her problem outside the rooms of Narcotic Anonymous or Alcoholic Anonymous. The stories are varied and carries a message for those who are actively using or those who trying to stop using and get into the process of recovery.

To hear a person speak and I mean really tell his story is also good for people who affected but not necessarily infected by the disease. These people are significant others, mother, sisters, fathers and wives and each one who cares for this infected person is a codependent who knows little or nothing about the inner working of the drug culture and the people who are involved. Why do they do the things that they do that are so hurtful to the codependent person. No matter what the codependent does to help, to take care of them, it is in vain and only furthers the problem by enabling. It could be with money, housing or any of a thousand things that this needy person asks for to keep doing what they are doing and that is to get high on their drug of choice. The story in the words of the addicted person, gives you insight but not necessarily help or real direction as to what the codependent can do. There is another place and conversation for that. Well, without any further ado, let's listen to this person.

I felt this story also should be told so that you can see how the drug kingpins profit for people using cocaine and other drugs of abuse. It is truly big business and peopleshould know who is profitting and who is not. This is a side of the story that seldom told but it needs to be told and recognized for what it is. Only in the drug culture as we knowit could something like this happen and continues to happen.This is only one small part of the world where it is taking place. The DEA and other agencies are attemtpting toclose them down with what has been called "The War On Drugs"It is really not putting a large dent in the growing cultivating and importing in the UnitedStates. I do not have the answer but I can report what is going on.

If you want more information about cocaine or if you want to see more video like the one you just watched. There are links below. One of the videos is about Pablo Escobar, the Cocaine King. So here it is an another link to cocaine.

The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery

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